When lawn mower repair shops are not possible or practical

100% mobile, we do not pick-up equipment for repairs

Service Area

Lakeland Florida


Bordering Towns

 Service Area Map 

Service Calls

Service calls are scheduled by appointment within three days

Arrival times scheduled within a two hour window

Receive the precise arrival time by text message or phone after the completion of the previous service call

Phone or Text

863 286 1829

Voice messages received after 2:00 pm are returned the next day

Mobile Repair Hours

Mobile Repairs

 Seven days a week


Monday - Sunday

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Arrival time for the last service call of the day is noon

Closed Holidays

Service Call Charge

The service call charge includes the diagnosis or inspection, an itemized written quote and travel time to your location

Service calls with Lakeland zip codes are charged a $30.00 service call charge

Towns bordering Lakeland are charged a $45.00 service call charge

No additional service call charges if a second trip is necessary

 Service Area Map 

Declined Repairs

Declined Repairs

Declined or postponed repairs the service call charge is due on the completion of the written quote

Diagnosis is for tear down only; additional charges apply for reassembly.

Labor Charges



All repairs are quoted 

Quotes are based on a repair labor rate of $50.00 an hour quoted in 15 minute increments

 Repair Pricing 

Lawn Mower Repairs


Equipment Recycling

We accept unwanted lawn and garden equipment

Free pickup within our service area

Phone or Text 

863 286 1829

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My name is Rick Costello; I am the owner/operator of ROAD MECHANIC lawn mower repair.

Brief Insight;  I started my career in the automotive industry right out of high school as an apprentice service station mechanic (when gas stations sold repairs not milk and cookies). By the age of twenty I was the youngest person to successfully complete and receive service station management and repair certifications. When gas stations started closing down their service bays I changed careers and went into the material handling industry. I have been providing on-site automotive and equipment repairs to industrial and commercial accounts for over thirty years, the last 5 years establishing my own accounts as an independent road mechanic. (Hence the company name)

Road Mechanic lawn mower repair was established six years ago exclusively for residential lawn mower owners.

Thanks to our loyal customers that took a chance on a new company and their referrals, today we are Lakeland's number one mobile lawn mower repair company.


    Mobile Repair License MV85895