ROAD MECHANIC Mobile Lawn Mower Repair 

When lawn mower repair shops are not possible or practical 

Polk County Towns


 Service Area Map 

Mobile Hours 2017

Mobile Repair Hours

Monday - Saturday

  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Arrival time for the last service call of the day is 3:00 pm 

Closed Most Sundays



Travel Charge

No travel fees or trip charge within Lakeland with repairs

Declined or postponed repairs are charged a $30.00 travel charge

 Service Area 

Service Calls

Service calls are scheduled by zip code within 4 days

Arrival times are scheduled within a 2 hour window

Call or Text

863 286 1829

Diagnostic Charge

Diagnostic or inspection charge applies to all lawn mowers 

Diagnostic or inspection labor rate is $30.00 an hour billed in 1/2 an hour increments

Labor Charges



 Repair Pricing 

After the diagnosis or inspection you will receive an Itemized written quote for your approval. 

Quotes are based on a repair labor rate of $60.00 an hour quoted in 15 minute increments.

Declined Repairs

Declined repairs are charged for the diagnosis or inspection and a $30.00 trip fee

Payment is due on completion of the written quote

Recycle your Mower

Dispose of your broken or unwanted lawn mower


863 286 1829



Residential Non-commercial Lawn Mower Repair

100% mobile, we do not pickup mowers for repair

863 286 1829

When lawn mower repair shops are not possible or practical


Please note; Road Mechanic is not intended to be a replacement for lawn mower repair shops. We specialize in residential non-commercial lawn mower break-downs that can be repaired on-site within a couple of hours.

By focusing solely on residential mowers most repairs are completed on the day of the service call. If parts need to be ordered your lawn mower will be repaired within one week from the initial service call.

I am aware of non-licensed individuals that advertise "Mobile repairs at your home". For your peace of mind and protection, ROAD MECHANIC is registered with the state of Florida as a limited liability company (LLC), licensed through Polk County and the Florida Department of Agriculture. Mobile Repair License MV85895.


This website is updated on a regular basis and is designed to answer most of your questions so when you schedule a service call there are no surprises.

Summary of On-Site Service

  • New Customers, an authorized representative must be present on arrival
  • Arrival times scheduled within a 2 hour window
  • Arrival time for the last service call of the day is 3:00 pm
  • You will receive text message with the precise arrival time after the completion of the previous service call.
  • Diagnostic charge applies to all equipment inspected
  • On-site itemized "written quote" for the repair, not an estimate
  • Payment due on completion of the repair or quote if the repair is declined

See terms and conditions for additional information

ROAD MECHANIC is strictly an on-site repair company

We do not provide maintenance or tune-up services unless directly related to the repair

Service Call Contact Information

Schedule a service call by phone or text message

863 286 1829

Questions, Inquires or repair estimates send us an email

Email us @ Send mail. 

Emails are answered within 24 hours

Advantages of requesting a service call by text message

  • Text messages will be returned within the hour 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Receive the precise arrival time after the completion of the previous service call
  • Cancel or reschedule a service call within seconds


You have the option to use your new parts

All parts are ordered from our on-line part suppliers 

(we do not pickup parts locally) 

Standard industry warranty 30 days parts and labor

Written quotes valid for 5 days, trip charge is non-refundable

Payment is due on completion of the repair or quote if the repair is declined

Checks accepted

Listed are repairs that are not cost-effective to have done on-site and are best left to a lawn mower repair shop.

  • Engine replacement or internal engine repairs
  • Manual steering repairs
  • Transmission (trans-axle) replacement or repair
  • Hydraulic repairs or leaks
  • Deck welding or straightening
  • Mowers that require extensive or numerous repairs

  • 75% of customers just want their lawn mower repaired as soon as possible
  • 20% of customers want to avoid the hassle of dropping off their mower
  • 4% of customers complete the repairs themselves
  • 1% cannot get in touch with their neighbor down the street
Why Road Mechanic?
  • No drop-off and pick-up inconvenience
  • Licensed in Polk County and with the State of Florida 
  • Mobile Repair License MV85895
  • Journeyman field service technician
  • Will show you the problem and explain it to you